Welcome to Comenius Hello 2.0

Here you can learn English and Spanish

How we will promote this Programme:

  • Write newspaper articles
  • 'English Language Competitions' in the community, demonstrating the use of the WIX
  • Students who have used the WIX to visit local nursery and primary schools to demonstrate its use
  • Students to also visit local hospitals to demonstrate the WIX and have fun with children who have to miss school for long periods of time
  • To be used in the student hostel (Hungary) and also in regular English and Spanish lessons (each country)
  • To be used in local libraries
  • To motivate grandparents and parents to learn English and Spanish with their grandchildren and children in an innovative way
  • To allow people to self-study at home through e-learning (online)
  • To hold parental meetings to demonstrate the WIX and its advantages (free service, available to all, easy to use, for all levels, entertaining and fun)
  • To hold a meeting with all schools in the local area to introduce the programme. Create a competition with selected age groups, to use the programme to create an example of English usage
  • Use the site as a substitute for online games